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Our unique non-invasive ultrasonic technology has been developed and built upon over the last 35 years, and is proven throughout the world across a vast number of installations

Canongate Technology is a leading supplier of process measurement technology for level, density and carbon dioxide. Using our unique non invasive ultrasonic technology, our products are widely used amongst world leading organisations in the Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Refrigeration and Transport industries.

Our proven technology developed through experience is well suited for level, liquid concentration and density across numerous applications. The non-tank break in ensures no downtime is lost during the easy installation process and our products require minimal maintenance thus reducing the overall cost of ownership. This low cost highly reliable solution that is suitable for most shapes of tanks and materials has been successfully monitoring our customers requirements in facilities of world leading companies throughout the globe.

Established in 1982 Canongate Technology today is part of the Rototherm Group, a leading player in measurement solutions for Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow and Density, with a heritage dating back to 1847.



Measurement Parameters

* Level

* Density / Concentration

* Temperature


* Truly Non Invasive

* No Tank Breakage

* No Need of Cutting/Welding/Drilling at Site

* No Need of any Shutdown

Non Invasive Level Sensor for LPG


  • CO2 control/monitoring in beer & sparkling wine

  • Alcohol strength measurement

  • Beer, water, spirit vat level measurement

  • Chemical treatment process automation

  • Acid bath strength, level and batching

  • Chemical manufacture/production

  • Fuel storage tank level measurement (LPG, gasoline, diesel, kerosene...)

  • Liquid level/interface detection in oil processing

  • Truck cargo monitoring

  • Offloading fuel identification systems

  • Fuel tank theft prevention

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