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Case Study:- Measuring Green House Emission Gas CO2

Greenhouse gases are those gases which absorb the sun infrared radiations and doesn’t allow it to escape back to atmosphere. This has led to what is popularly known as “Global Warming “wherein earth temperature is on rise. Alarmingly this is on rise year after year despite strict norms in place for monitoring and controlling green gas emission.

Though there are several causes of green gas emission due to human activities but the main reasons can be attributed to burning of fossil fuels for electricity, heat & transportation.

Global warming causes:-

· Change in world climate

· Depletion of Ozone layers which prevents harmful UV rays entering earth

· Smog and Air Pollution

· Acidification of water

Carbon dioxide is one of the main green gases which requires accurate measurement and strict emission control.

Hence it becomes very imperative that we have in this case system solution-oriented approach is required rather than ONLY product-oriented solution.

The most common and widely used principle for measuring CO2 gas in industry is Non-Dispersive Infrared method.

One of the clients in coal-based power generation sector was using a CO2 analyser which was just measuring and giving output. The output was showing drift with time and hence needed regular maintenance and calibration to meet regulatory norms. Further after sales service support was poor and getting spare parts in time was equally difficult.

Coal Based Power Emitting CO2

To decrease operating, maintenance cost , meet regulatory requirement and avoid costly shutdown due to unavailability of analyser client then opted to go for a system based oriented solution for a new vendor .

System based analyser solution offered following advantage to client :-

a) Latest state of art analyser with advanced configuration features

b) Auto Calibration at regular intervals

c) Self-Diagnostic (giving alarm as part of predictive maintenance rather than reactive maintenance)

d) Online remote service support along with latest documentation back up

e) Remote connectivity for data transfer on server or on cloud

Due to above benefits client was able to get accurate, reliable , repeatable measurement with minimum maintenance , human intervention and no shutdown owing to analyser as was the case previously .


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