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ATEX and why it is important for the Industry

The certification process for ATEX Involves testing and assessment of the equipment by a notified body to check if it meets the essential safety requirements as laid down in the directive. The certification is granted after the notified body is satisfied that the product is safe to be used in an explosive atmosphere.

Once the certification is obtained, the CE mark is affixed on the equipment and the product is ready to be placed on the market. The CE mark is a mandatory requirement for all ATEX products being marketed within the EU and EEA.

Why is ATEX certification important?

There are many industries where ATEX certified products are used such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, etc. These industries have to follow ATEX directives to ensure the safety of their employees and also to avoid any legal penalties.

ATEX certification is important because:

1. It ensures the safety of employees working in hazardous environments

2. It helps industries to avoid any legal penalties

3. It helps to ensure the quality of the product

⚠️ Products that have received ATEX certification will have the official “Ex” badge, indicating they are safe in explosive atmospheres. Certification example below:

ATEX Zone 0

EEx de IIC T4

⚠️ Non-ATEX safe equipments used in hazardous areas could be an ignition source, so it is critical that ATEX certified equipment’s are used in those areas. If they are not, the situation immediately poses great risk to both workers safety and asset they are installed in.

Advance Engineers is proud to offer a wide range of ATEX certified products to keep you and your assets safe in hazardous environments. Shop now and rest assured that you are using equipment that has been designed and certified to operate safely in potentially explosive atmospheres.


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