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Portable Vibration Inspector

Not only vibration measuring but also multiple functional data collection are embedded in.

● Support rotation machinery condition inspection by vibration, infrared temperature, rotation speed measurement
● Single vibration channel, 16Bit amplitude resolution, 52K sampling rate, 6400 Lines Spectrum
● Embedded Infrared temperature detection
● Dynamic Balancing (1 plane)

MOONS' handheld Vibration Inspector is an application in the industrial field, mainly to meet the rotating machine needs to realize state data of acquisition,recording, storage, query, analysis, summary. The vibration inspection result shows the mechanical parts loss of equipment, such as axis,bearing and gear etc. It helps to make the appropriate equipment maintenance measures, and ensure the good work of the equipment. It permits easy monitoring of key machine normally found in power generation, petrochemical, coal,metallurgy, tobacco and automobile industries. 



Measurement Parameters

* Vibration

* Temperature


  • Turbine Vibration Monitoring

  • Compressor & Pump Monitoring

  • HT Motors and Mechanical Conveyors

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