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Non Invasive Level Gauge

A Truly Non Invasive Level Gauge

Non Invasive Level Gauge

Tank monitoring is more than just measuring liquid level. There are many other parameters that are important to measure in order to obtain all the data required for remote tank monitoring.
At RotoTechnology, we provide solutions to suit your needs.

Our non-invasive ultrasonic transducers are easily bonded to the outside of the tank and require no down-time, no tank flaring or annual maintenance.
Our systems are easy to install, reliable and provide accurate liquid level measurements on demand.
Our Products are Truly Non Invasive in Nature

✅ No Need of Tank Opening

✅ No Need of any Nozzle on the Tank

✅ No Need of Welding Drilling of the Tank

✅ No Need of any Hot Work

✅ No Need of any Shutdown

✅ Sensing from Outside the Walls

✅ IIOT Ready

✅ SAP/ERP Integration ready

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